Best Formal Shoes in India 2019 – Top 6 Picks

A shoe is simply a piece of clothing that makes a person’s dressing and style complete. Most of the things like wrist watches, hat, and rings can be neglected as they are not important, but shoes do not belong in this group it is a must-have part of clothing. However, some people avoid wearing shoes, but, when formal dressing code is considered, without a formal shoe the code is incomplete.

Today, there are numerous brands and manufacturers that flood the Indian market with excellent quality formal shoes. The two things you should consider before buying a formal shoe are.

  1. Pieces and assembly
  2. Style

1. Pieces and assembly – The Upper, Lining, Insole, Out sole, Mid sole, and Heel are the pieces and assembly of formal shoes. Each of this piece and assembly are made of different material. Select the material that is comfortable for you. Prefer buying formal shoes with Rubber or metal and the other parts made with leather. Check carefully if the stitches on the shoes are strong enough. Most of the footwear’s that we order online come with return back policy, if you find the product inefficient to last for long return the product.

2. Style – Formal shoes is just a general term, there are several types of formal shoes. Understand the dressing code and the type of shoes that suits the code and then purchase the shoes. Here are the internationally recognised types of formal shoes.

  • Oxford shoes
  • Derby shoes
  • Moccasins
  • Chelsea boots
  • Chukka boots
  • Loafers
  • Brogues

Each of these types of shoes varies in style from each other, each of them suits with a different dress code. While purchasing a formal shoes consider these types and then understand the purpose and then order them.

Best Buy Formal Shoes in India Online 2018

Considering the factors mentioned above, here are some of the best formal shoes available on the Indian market with a reason price and quality.

1. Axonza Men’s synthetic leather Office wear 184 Black lace up Formal Shoes

Axonza Men's synthetic leather Office wear 184 Black lace up Formal Shoes

Axonza is one of the best formal shoes brand in India, this product from Axonza cones with a reasonable price and quality. The out pieces of the shoe are made with faux leather and the inner part is made with Synthetic leather. This closed toe style formal shoes comes with lace-up closure and TPR sole material.

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2. Bata Men’s Formal Shoes

Bata Men's Formal Shoes

Bata is one of the best formal shoes brand in India. The brand not only deals with shoes they have sandals, flip-flops etc. This product comes with a 60 days warranty against any manufacturing defects and the whole shoes are made with synthetic leather. The price of this Slip-on closure type shoe is comparatively higher than other models, but, the shoe does not lack quality.

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3. Essence Men’s Black Formal Synthetic Lace-Up Shoes

Essence Men's Black Formal Synthetic Lace-Up Shoes

Essence is not a brand known to many, but, currently, it is one of the best formal shoe brands in India. This product comes with an air-mix sole material, and with a slip-on closure type. The product looks attractive and is made with synthetic leather. One of the notable things about this product is its price; the price is comparatively lesser than any other models.

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4. Fucasso Men’s SyntheticTan Formal Brogue Shoes and a Free Wallet

Fucasso Men's SyntheticTan Formal Brogue Shoes and a Free Wallet

Like the brand mentioned above Fucasso might be a brand that you are not familiar with. However, Fucasso is one of the top-rated formal shoe brands in India today. This formal shoe from Fucasso is a brogue type formal shoe that comes in Tan colour. The whole upper part of the shoes is made with synthetic leather and is lightweight.

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5. Hush Puppies Men’s Bruce Slip On Leather Formal Shoes

Hush Puppies Men's Bruce Slip On Leather Formal Shoes

Hush puppies are one of the formal shoe brand names familiar to almost every shoe lovers. This formal shoe from Hush puppies is made with 100% leather and comes with a slip-on closure type. The price of the product is a bit higher than other models, but the product is of supreme quality and the only product on this list made with genuine leather.

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6. Bata Men’s Scale Formal Shoes

Bata Men's Scale Formal Shoes

This product from Bata comes with a 90 days warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. Perhaps this is the only product on the list with a comparatively longer warranty period. The whole upper piece of the product is made with synthetic leather and comes with a slip-on closure type. This shoes best suits with uniforms and for workers that demand superior quality product with a reasonable price.

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All the products mentioned above were selected only on the basis of customer reviews and the product description as declared by the manufacturer.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, always consider the factors mentioned above before purchasing a formal shoe.

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