Best Almond Oil in India 2018 – Top 10 Rated Picks

Best Almond Oil in India 2018 – Top 10 Rated Picks
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Almond Oil is derived from the almonds. Mostly, sweet almonds are used for the purpose. There are various ways to derive almond oil but today, one of the most popular ways is the cold press method. In this, the grinder doesn’t spin at high speed and instead, it uses sheer force to extract oil out of the almonds. This way, the machine doesn’t get heated and the nutrients in the Almond Oil is preserved.

While buying almond oil, you must ensure that there is nothing mixed in the oil as that can be harmful to your bodies. It is always better to go for the trusted brands which have a good reputation in the market.

There are many benefits of using Almond Oil and some of the benefits of using the almond oil are mentioned below

Benefits of Using Almond Oil

  • Heart Health–Almond oil is very good for maintaining heart It is known for reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases and there are many studies as well as researches to support the claim.
  • Diabetes– As per some of the researches, it is known that almond oil can help in controlling the sugar and hence it is very good when it comes to preventing diabetes. However, to get this benefit from almond oil, you must consume the oil with high carb food.
  • Good for Skin and Hair– Lastly, it is a well-known fact that almond oil is really beneficial for skin as well as hair. A lot of people go for a massage with almond oil to get a glowing skin and shiny hair.

How to Consume Almond Oil?

There are two ways to use almond oil and both are mentioned below

  • One of the ways is to apply it directly on the skin,however, if you are using the essential oil then you must mix the essential oil with a carrier oil.
  • The second way to consume almond oil is to have 2 to 3 tablespoon in the diet. This can be consumed directly with warm milk or you can drizzle the oil on a salad or mix it in a protein

Now, here is the most awaited section, below are the top 10 Almond Oils available in India.

1. Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil

Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil

Hamdard is a popular brand in India and it is also one of the highest selling almond oil in India. The brand has a really good reputation in the market and a lot of mothers use this brand for massaging the newborn baby as well.

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2. Khadi Natural Sweet Almond Oil, 100ml

Khadi Natural Sweet Almond Oil

If you are looking for something completely organic then you can go for Khadi Natural. The oil is available in a pack of 100 ml and 200 ml and the almonds used for extracting the oils are procured organically. The oil is also safe for internal consumption.

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3. Dabur Badam Tail – 100% Pure Almond Oil – 100 ml

Dabur Badam Tail

Dabur certainly doesn’t need any introduction and the brand is also into the manufacturing of Almond Oil. This is also safe for internal consumption as well as application on skin.The company carries a legacy with it and it is another trusted brand in India.

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4. Dabur Almond Hair Oil for Damage-Free Hair – 500 ml

Dabur Almond Hair Oil for Damage-Free Hair

This is a different variant of almond oil manufactured by Dabur and the main advantage of this oil is that it is rich in Vitamin E and hence it is a perfect product for application on hair. The oil can give instant result if you suffering from hairfall.

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5. ST. D’evence100% Pure Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Carrier Oil, Almond Oil, 100ml

ST. D’evence100% Pure Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Carrier Oil

This oil from St. D’evence is a cold pressed oil and it can also be used as a carrier oil because it is very mild in nature. The oil is free of any artificial mineral and it is a completely undiluted version of the almond oil.

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6. Morpheme Remedies Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil for Hair & Skin (No Mineral Oil & Sulphate), 200ml

Morpheme Remedies Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

Morpheme Remedies is also known for cold pressed sulfate free almond oil. There is no sort of adulteration in the oil. This oil,however, can’t be used for internal consumption and the use should be restricted to skin and hair.

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7. Well’s Almond Oil 400ml – Pack of 1, 400mL

Well's Almond Oil

Next on our list is Well’s Almond Oil. This almond oil is preferred for the mild fragrance and the ultimate benefits it offers. Apart from this, the oil is available in large as well as small packages.

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8. Patanjali Almond Hair Oil, 100ml

Patanjali Almond Hair Oil

Patanjali has gained a lot of popularity in the recent time. If you are looking for something much affordable then you must opt for Patanjali Almond Hair Oil. It should be noted that the oil is not meant for edible purposes and it can only be used externally.

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9. Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Almond Virgin Oil, 200ml

Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Almond Virgin Oil

Forest Essentials is a highly reputed brand and the Almond Oil from Forest Essential is certainly worth a try. You will be impressed by the quality of the oil. The only downside is that the oil is a little expensive when compared to the other brands available in the market.

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10. Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil, 300ml

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil

On number 10, we have Bajaj Almond Hair Oil. The oil is also meant for external use but the brand has a really good reputation in the market. A lot of people almond oil from Bajaj as it is very pure and fragrant.

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These are some of the best almond oils available in the market in India. You can choose one of these and be assured of the quality of the product you are getting. Some of the brands in the list carry a legacy with their name and they are really popular to be doubted about the quality. It would also be wise to check out the product online before you make a purchase as you can get a better deal from online stores.